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Loaded Gun

Daniel Hambrick had a loaded 9mm pistol,
which he pointed at Officer Delke.


The Truth or the Facts

Officer Delke was doing his job when he attempted to pull over dangerous and convicted violent felon Daniel Hambrick in a high crime area.

  • Instead of obeying the law, Hambrick chose to flee from Officer Delke in a residential area. Officer Delke immediately de-escalated the situation by terminating the pursuit and following the suspect from a distance.
  • While running from Officer Delke, the felony suspect is seen making a conscious decision to ditch his cell phone under a nearby car but choose to keep carrying his loaded 9mm pistol with him. Surveillance video clearly shows the felony suspect holding the gun in his hand and looking behind him to target Officer Delke.
  • During the pursuit, the felony suspect looks back at Officer Delke. Officer Delke draws his service weapon and gives repeated verbal commands to the suspect to drop the gun. When the felony suspect refused to drop his gun after yet another command, Officer Delke used deadly force to protect his life, his responding officers, and all of the innocent bystanders nearby.
  • District Attorney Funk decided to selectively release only some video evidence and charge Officer Delke with a crime to advance his own political career. The first judge who listened to the DA’s charges rejected them because there wasn’t any evidence to suggest Officer Delke did anything other than what he was trained to do. DA Funk proceeded to shop his bogus charges around until he found a judge who would sign them.